Allison Krupp is a full-time freelance writer and editor based in Berlin, Germany—a city that, for all intents and purposes “gets the job done” in filling chronic and romantic European fantasies.

Since her freelance start in January 2014, when she was holed up in a teensy flat in Paris, she’s written a plethora of online content, becoming an expert in SEO-friendly blogs, viral content, educational e-books, humanoid robotics (what?), health and wellness, music and restaurant reviews, and, naturally, travel writing.

She’s further worked as a novel and novella ghostwriter. With over 30 titles under various pseudonyms, (without being too specific) she’s written a boisterous YA novel about the Greek gods and goddesses, multiple romantic novellas (steam-levels may vary), a plot-thick tale of Joan of Arc’s woe, and so many others. From this experience, her strength of storyline and character development is quite stellar, and her affinity for daydreaming is—shall we say—just part of the job.  

Beyond this, she’s edited legal documents, an entire book about fracking and American resources, and multiple blogs. She currently works as a co-editor and writer for the lifestyle and travel blog BERLIN LOVES YOU and is on the hunt for the best Mexican food in Europe. Please send refried beans.